Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Trilogy #1) by Kimberly Kinrade

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Title: Forbidden Mind
Author: Kimberly Kinrade
Publish Date: September 6, 2011
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Pages: 134
Other Books in the Series: Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Trilogy #2), Forbidden Life (Forbidden Trilogy #3)
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She reads minds.
He controls minds.
Together, they might get out alive.

49% of Americans believe their government officials are honest.

I don't know these officials, or their supporters, but I know their secrets, and 49% of Americans are wrong.

My employers pay me well to be right, to know things others can't. But I don't know why they brought that boy in, strapped to a stretcher, barely conscious. He asked me for help when I could give none.

I'm a wealthy spy, a talented artist, a martial arts black belt, and a prisoner.

They tell me that on my eighteenth birthday, I will be released, free to go to the college of my dreams.

It's my eighteenth birthday, and a man in black is at my door. I know he's not here to free me.

I know, because I can read minds.

My name is Sam, and this is my story.

Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade left a lot to be desired and I believe could've been an excellent book if somethings had been more greatly developed. This is in no way bashing the book in my mind. 

I had high expectations for this book and it hardly brushed what I believe it could have been. The story was really short which made it seem rushed and it was missing a lot of key qualities that are needed for a great read. 

The characters were hard to connect to because of the lack of building though I did enjoy the twins more than the main character or even the love interest. I didn't quite understand the bad guys and they are typically what I consider the best characters of a novel. A good bad guy has a great story and a great story makes a wonderful book. 

Second, I felt the plot wasn't as developed as it could've been. I don't think that a bunch of people would suddenly crop up out of the population with powers and then no one would understand why. There HAS to be some common factor that led to the powers. BUT I really liked the idea of the story such as kids being rented out to the rich and famous but I am curious about what any of the other kids would do for them--I can see why Sam was rented out. 

Overall, I loved the plot and the storyline. I won't deny that in any way shape or form but at the same time, I believe it could've been so much better if it hadn't been so rushed.

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