About Me


About Me

There is a lot of popularity around the young adult genre mostly -- in my opinion -- because of all the intense things that happen in that age group. Teens discover dating, push limits, and find themselves through the mess of emotions. At least, that's why I like it.

I've always toyed with the idea of making a blog about books that I've read and posting my thoughts about them. It's more about keep track of what I thought of books than convincing people whether or not to read something. Truthfully, I just want to infuse my desire to read books in other people. 

Currently, I am in college working towards a bachelor's degree in English which makes my schedule hectic. I try to post at least one review a day or make up for it over the weekends. Once I receive a book for review, I like to have it posted as soon as possible on as many sites as it allows. If they aren't released yet, I like to time my reviews to about a month prior to the release and if it comes it in a series, post reviews of the prior books leading up the review of the newest book. My schedule is flexible for when I can post a review and so if you have a preference as to when you would like it posted, please let me know. 

I am honest in my review but I won't post any horrendous reviews that will ruin a book's reputation based on my opinion. I try to be fair and I give every book a chance.

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