Finding Fiona by Emily Ann Ward

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Title: Finding Fiona
Author: Emily Ann Ward
Publish Date: September 2011
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 176
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The victim of a brutal attack, Fiona remembers little about her life until she meets someone who claims to be from her past. He tells her that her parents were killed for a human replication machine. He's shocked to discover she's still alive since her body was found in the wreckage of the fire.

She soon travels to her old home in New York to figure out what happened to her and her family. She needs to find out who she is, but more importantly, confront the men who killed her parents. 

Finding Fiona by Emily Ward was a fast paced, exciting, and amazing read. This is one book that I will read again and again just for the simple fact of how AMAZING it was. I can't tell you how many things I liked about it! It is the best book I've read in awhile and it was only a novella. 

First as I said, it was fast paced and I couldn't put it down. The writing and the story just sucks you in. I never got bored of it because of how unique the plot was and surprising the twists were. It has by far been one of the more unique books that I've read.

Fiona was a strong female character that made it easy for me to relate to. I want to read more about her. Her relationship with James was simple in its beauty, it captured the heartache of a guy who was no longer remembered by the girl he loved and getting to see into the mind of Fiona before she forgot added great dimensions to the relationship. I liked that romance was just a side note, not the center of the story because it is becoming more and more of a key element to any young adult story.

I loved the bad guys in this novella because they weren't bad guys just to be bad guys like some books portray the nemesis. These were real people who happened to do things the wrong way. No one is a bad person just for no reason and they weren't murderers with no reason in their mind either. The characters were well written and insightful, I enjoyed it.

This was an epic read and I loved it. Highly recommended to everyone!

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