[Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt] Monster Night by P.B. Azeltine & M.E. Drewry

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In the novel Monster Night, a new drug has begun to circulate Olympia High School and David seemed to be the only person that can find out who's behind it all. Will his magic help him save the day or will he be unable to follow in his grandpa's footsteps?

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Title: Monster Night
Author: P.B. Azeltine and M.E. Drewry
Publish Date: December 4, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 234
Buy the Book: Amazon | Smashwords
Rating: ★★★★

When a drug surfaces in town that turns teens into the mythological creature of the chupacabra, David Copperfield Finkleman is called in to help. Why? Because David possesses a rare gift. He is a true blue, magic out of the fingertips, potions and spells, wizard. Well, that and because his grandfather is the lead investigator on the case and the drug is circulating in David's own high school. David is thrust into a world of danger and monsters he never knew existed, all the while living his normal daily life. He learns that he will have to save the very bullies who torment him in school and the chemistry teacher who wants nothing more than to flunk him. Adding to his problems, he deals with girl troubles, a boss who doesn't appreciate his sarcasm, and saving an agent's life before it's too late...no pressure!

I love the way that authors describe things in their stories and you always know that it will never be the same from one author to another. Just because a house is a house doesn't mean that an author associates the same thing with it as another author. That's one of the greatest parts about books. It's the way that these descriptions manage to make the story come alive off the page. A description can make or break a story in my mind and the authors of this story definitely knew how to create a very vivid image in my mind. It became one of my favorite things during the strong. I couldn't wait to see how they would describe something else. 

Monster Night by P.B. Azeltine and M.E. Drewry is the masterful story of a young wizard named David, who never seemed to fit in and was always being compared to his brother. Everything changed though when he was pulled out of school to visit his grandpa who was just recently admitted to the hospital for a heart attack. Now, the fate of the case his grandpa was working on rests on his shoulders and for once he seems to know just what he was doing. He was never the popular type of guy like his older brother Henry, which essentially made him an outcast. Instead of everyone appreciating the fact that he was his own person with his own talents, he is constantly compared to a brother that he has no hope becoming like. Maybe this will be his big break. Maybe he will finally be able to step out of his brother's shadow and become his own man. Maybe he just might get the girl that seems to be just out of his reach. Who knows what can happen when magic is involved. Can he solve the case without putting anyone he cares about in danger? Will he be able to keep his magic a secret from everyone around him? What does the future hold for him as he tries to become the man his grandpa is sure he is meant to be? If everything turns out just right, he might have something to look forward to in the future.

The plot for this story was kind of a mix between a sleuth story and a magic story. It held a lot of the typical plot points that those two separate stories have but combined them in a way that made it unique. There wasn't a lot of huge plot twists to keep me on the edge of my seat but it was definitely a great read. It kept me wanting to know more without feeling like a chupacabra is going to suddenly appear in my bedroom. A few things caught me by surprise so when that happened, I was more enthralled with the story than ever.

David, the main character, could be described as the geeky type of guy. He got good grades and was the president of the Magic Club at his school, not something that most guys would openly admit to being a part of. I think the best part of his character is the fact that in the beginning, you could tell that there was something about him that made you want him to be more than he was. It was easy to sense his potential as a character from the moment I read his first snarky comment or observed his first brave deed. Of all of the characters, he faced a lot of growth to become a confident character that was need to make this story worthwhile. Although he became a more certain and brave guy by the end of the story, I was happy to see that he held true to himself even in the end. He could've easily allowed his new emotions to cloud his perceptions but instead he chose to be content with who he was before anything unique went down. I found him very relatable and a good all around read.

His biggest support throughout the story was Gramps or if you prefer, his grandpa. I actually wasn't too sure about how big of a part that this particular character would play since it all began with him being in the hospital. It was surprising to not only have him become a major character in the story but also to have him save the day more than once. Gramps is definitely one of the most legit characters you can read that have faced a lot in their lives and still managed to prove that age only makes them stronger. I am glad that he become a sort of mentor for David, which I am certain will only prove to strengthen the powers that have been displayed in this tale. 

There was a romantic subplot but it was smaller than most young adult books and yet I refuse to complain. I think for the story, the amount of romance was just perfect. It exemplified how uncertain David was about himself, especially around girls, and you get to observe him become more comfortable around girls as the story goes on. Be sure to watch out for Sabrina because she is the girl that I rooting for. Finally whole messy love triangle that has two girls instead of two guys. I am happy with that.

It was a great read and I think you all should go check it out. It isn't too long of a read but it is well written and well thought out. 


P.B. Azeltine has been writing for many years. She is a Land Surveyor Instrument woman by day and a writer at lunch time, traveling in the car time, any spare moment time, days off time, and eventings. She loves writing young adult, middle-grade, historical romance, and contemporary romance. She tries to put humor in all her writing. She has learned that as she goes through life, humor can make it much easier to get through. She lives in Olympia, Washington (U.S.A) with her husband, two daughters, son in-law, future son in-law, two dogs, one cat, and one lovebird.

Website: www.pbazeltine.com

M.E. Drewry is a teacher and writer. An avid fan and reader of fantasy, she decided to co-write her own fantasy story for young adults. She lives in Rochester, Washington (U.S.A.) with her husband, Jacob, and her overly pampered black lab, Shadow.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/pages/Monster-Night/420416314714188


"That crazy creature they had in the book?" I asked. I'd never heard of anything like this before.  “Wow!” I ran my hand through my hair and stared wide-eyed at my grandfather. “I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, Toto.”
"And this isn’t the Land of Oz,” Gramps said. “This is my world and now yours, where magic comes to life and threatens people and their lives. As wizards it’s our duty to protect the average person from bad magic. That’s why I need your help. I can’t do this in the condition I’m in.” He patted his heart. “My ticker’s left me weak, which weakens my powers. You’ve got to take my place, David. You’re the only who can. I don’t know anyone else who has the power you do and could take on someone like this.”
“Gramps, I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Keep reporting to me. Now, Tom had a lead on the man who brought the drug into the country. He'd come to the Northwest, because he thought the area would keep him hidden."


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[Blog Tour & Interview] Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes by Kia Garriques

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In Kia Garriques novel, Innovera Yakov, we find ourselves faced with the intense story of several characters as they struggle to survive with battling personalities and a journey that could ruin it all. What have these characters gotten themselves into?


Title: Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes
Author: Kia Garriques
Publish Date: February 14, 2013
Publisher: Story Star Publishing
Pages: 222
Buy the Book: Amazon
Rating: ★★★

Be prepared to immerse your self in a world where falling in love could cost you your life and nothing is as it seems.

Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes is the first installment in an action-packed fantasy drama where characters with powers of healing and destruction live, love, compete and disappear without a trace while they are being prepared for the Journey.

What is the Journey? What happens to the ones who do not return? What unspeakable, stomach-churning things can happen to them there?

Even Ayana the Great Healer, Krave ‘The Golden One’ and the powerful Blu Tara are terrified of it.

Sometimes I just really love giving characters little pet names and this story came filled with random little things that I can fondly refer to the characters as from now on. I, for some reason, have found myself especially attached to the pet name 'The Golden One' because, let's be honest here, how many characters are called that without sarcasm? I could totally see it being used as a joke in some instances and perhaps that is why I found it really endearing in this one. It was completely serious. Technically, Krave really has golden hair and stuff so it makes sense. But anyway, it's something I really liked about this story.

Innovera Yakov by Kia Garriques takes on not only one story but multiple as they face an epic journey that may just have fatal consequences. It has only just begun. Everything begins with the calm before the storm and introduces the life that these characters have come to know. They learn together, hang out together, fight together, and must survive together. The only problems they seem to face are conflicts between each character one-on-one, whether it is because of selfishness or differing opinions. Everything crumbs to dust when one of those characters makes a grave mistake and now everyone must pay the cost. On a journey to survive, they must deal with opinions, love, and destruction. But as many tales have proven, love only makes things more complicated and it holds true for this story as well. Love triangles and jealousy run rampant through this story, leaving few untouched. What will the future hold for the journeyers? What fate will they face?

The plot of this story is extremely complex, like most full on fantasy books, and it was the complexity of the story that made it difficult to truly get into. I felt like I was so close to understanding the way things worked but then it would dance out my reach and of course, that only proved to further frustrate me. Somethings needed to be explained better such as the specific histories or little tidbits of information on characters and object. But I found true beauty in the way that the author managed to describe the world that was created in this story. Even though I didn't have a full grasp on the world itself, I discovered that it was easy to visualize what the characters were seeing with the masterful descriptions provided. 

Ayana was probably the most relatable of the characters for me. I definitely found myself easily slipping into her persona as the story continued than perhaps any of the others. It's hard to say what exactly made her the easiest but I think it had a lot to do with the way she handled herself. She understood that even the most evil or proud person has a purpose in this journey and she never allowed herself to forget it. I found her to be extremely giving, even to the point of frustration. Sometimes you want to see a character become selfish and claim whatever they apparently want but instead, she stood by as the things she wanted slipped away. I guess I just want to see more fight in her beyond the selfless actions. She needs to learn to fight for herself before she can fight for other people. To lose herself in that would mean to forget herself entirely.

I know this review is super short but there is a lot going on in the book that is kind of hard to understand unless you read it yourself. It's like trying to explain a private joke to someone who wasn't there to understand it and then it just kind of turns awkward. For all of the flaws of this story, I can't help but see its potential to be a great tale of love and faith in a cause. It's the hope that this story will continue to become everything that I believe it can be that makes me refrain from over-sharing. 


Kia Garriques studied writing and English literature at University and has been a published short story writer since 2009. Her first story "The Invisible Alien Watcher" was published by Micro Horror in 2009 and reprinted by Pill Hill Press in 2011. Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes is her first novel in the 'Worlds' series and will be out on Amazon mid-February.

Twitter: @
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/user/show/5623131-kia-garriques
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiagarriquesfanpage
Tumblr: http://kiagarriquesauthor.tumblr.com
Wattpad: www.wattpad.com/user/kiagarriques
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kgarriques
Website: www.kiagarriques.com


Blu Tara stared her sister in the face. ‘Let me tell you what you don't know about love, Gamma. It is a curse. You will scoop out your core and abandon it just to have the Being that you love. You will steal another person's life force if it makes it easier to get it. You will abandon the world you have been cradled in, betray everything and everyone you care for. You’ll give up your name for it.’
Blu Tara's voice went soft and dreamy. ‘You will gladly close your eyes and embrace the world of darkness. You will kill or die for it. And you will hate yourself for the weakness that it brings on you. So don’t talk to me about love.’
Gamma shook her head. ‘You're not making sense,’ Blu Tara. ‘You talk as if... I’m the one who should be upset about all this.’
Blu Tara lifted her hand dismissively. She pointed a hot finger at Gamma. ‘Anyway don’t forget what we are.’
'And what are we?’ Gamma glared at her..
'Different. Strange. Something to be frightened of. Two Beings that can fuse and burn everything to ashes. That's the way they all see us down there. That's what the Stardog wants from you - the powers you possess.
‘I hate them all. With their suspicious, shiny faces and their empty games. I hate that Voice which drones on and on at us in the Learning Dome as soon as we've finished resting.
Innoverans! All those perfect, pretty Beings; they remember nothing — it’s the curse of this shallow, shining world. Tell me, Gamma - what do you remember of the world we come from before your Odors Apeno dumped us here?’
Gamma swung around to face her sister fully. ‘Blu Tara! What's got into you? Where’s all that coming from? I've never heard you speak like that before. This is about Krave and I- not you!’
Krave and you - don't make me laugh. And, oh! Here’s a big difference — between you and I this time, Twin Sister. It’s the answer to your question that you brought me up here to ask.’ Blu Tara mimicked Gamma's soft and musical voice, Why do you want to kill Krave?
Here's the answer, Gamma. I will do whatever I have to do to save myself. I'm the half of you that's not like you. I don't have a weeping heart. Now I'm out of here. I need my Rest.


1.             I know a lot of authors hate the question about what inspired them to write a story but I’m always curious. So here’s my question: what led to your interest in writing the story?

The concept of Innovera Yakov originated from my dreams. I used to dream about these Beings in some other world. At first, it was scary but then I learned to overcome that fear and started looking forward to them. At one point, I became so enthusiastic about science, evolution and the possibility of realities and forms of life that might exist outside of what we know, that I wanted to absorb anything in relation to that. Innovera Yakov addresses many of the questions I have about our earth and the universe in general. It’s my attempt to understand life.

2.             Are there any messages in the story that you want the readers to grasp by the time they finish the book?

I'd like people to read it and tell me what they think. If you're at that place in your life where relationships are important then Ayana's confusion about who she really loves will speak to you. If not Ayana then Krave's and Gamma's longing to be with each other at the risk of endangering their existence. Then there is the rivalry between Gamma and her sister, Blu Tara, where we have the idea of selfish, destructive love. Despite its imaginary setting, Innovera Yakov, explores themes that are of direct interest and relevance to young people: from the importance of co-operation and team work in achieving goals through to respect/self-respect, the nature of love and friendship, peer pressure etc. These are all important themes of the novel. 

3.             Now, I am going to ask a question that typically isn’t a favorable question. I’m going to ask you to pick favorites. Who is your favorite character to write and why? Which character do you relate the most to?

I see myself in Ayana. She is the underdog and it takes her a long time to discover her strengths. My favourite character to write? Now that’s a whole different ball game! It would have to be Blu Tara. She is just plain bad and she can be good if she wants to be. In the next book we are going to see a lot more of her. Right now she is wounded and angry and we will see a girl bent on destroying everything in her path. But there may be hope for her. Let's see what happens in the next book.

4.             The process of creating characters seems to be very complex and different for each writer. Did you base any of your characters off of people you know in real life? Did you have them go through similar experiences that people you know or you have gone through? 

They are completely based on my dreams. It’s as if they actually exist in that faraway world and I have been granted access to their lives.

5.             What was your favorite scene to write? I’ve always liked that authors seem to never favor the same type of scenes. Some are all for the action and suspense scenes while others prefer the complex, deep, and emotional scenes. Which type of scenes do you prefer to write?

I prefer the emotional scenes where the reader gets to know the heart, the inner feelings of the characters better. There is a scene where Ayana who is seen as the weakest amongst them and who does not believe in herself really begins to get a sense of her own powers. The scene I really like is where she discovers that the scars that mark her face and leaves her feeling 'ugly' are the key to their survival on the dangerous Journey.

6.             Most authors place a lot of value on pre-writing rituals to help them prepare for writing different scenes and getting into a character’s mind. Do you have any?

I always write after midnight - around 2 or 3 am - when it is very quiet outside and I imagine that everyone else is asleep. My impulse to write and dream up worlds comes alive around that time.

7.             What books have influenced your life the most? Or rather what characters have made the biggest impact on you? 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dracula by Bram Stoker and A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. The character that has had the biggest impact on my life is Frankenstein. 

8.             Because I’m a huge fan of reading and love different authors because of their different writing styles, I’m curious about whether you have that same experience. I like certain ways that authors word things and it seems to influence the way I write. Do you have any authors in the Genre that you would consider influential on your writing? 

I am inspired by JK Rowling. I like her style.

9.              Are there any new books that have come out or are coming out that have caught your attention? 

Recently I've been purchasing books whose storylines appeal to me; for example Gabrielle Zevin's, Elsewhere; Chanda Hahn's, UnEnchanted and Markus Zusak's wonderful novel, The Book Thief.

10.         Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

Follow your dreams. Work for what you want and even in the depths of despair or fading confidence never give up. It is important to believe in yourself because not everyone is going to believe in you. Embrace your gifts. Learn what they are and use them for good. Cherish what you are and don’t let go of that.


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