Review Policy

The information below is current and will be updated as things change.

The Type of Books
I will review any genres within young adult novels, I have found that I like books in any and all categories. There are a few that I prefer to read or I think I like more than other genres:

  • Paranormal (whether it be romance or not)
  • Realistic fiction (only human books and so on)
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
Note that just because these are listed does not mean that I won't accept books from other categories. 

When and Where Will Reviews Be Posted
I like to post reviews as soon as possible after I get them or as soon as my schedule will allow. If they aren't released yet, I try to get the reviews posted at least a month prior to the release date. If you have any preferences as to when you would like the review posted, you can tell me after I contact you.
I post my reviews on GoodReads, this blog, LibraryThing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Tumblr, Twitter, YA Book Central, and NetGalley if the book is present on their website. I'm sure that there are a million other sites that reviews can be posted on, so if you have a request as to where it is posted, let me know.

Accepted Types of Books
I accept eBooks, PDFs, print books, and audio books.