First Line Friday (1)

10:08 PM

First Line Friday is a meme hosted by Rampant Readers, where I - and other bloggers - share the first line of the novel(s) I am currently reading in order to pique the interest of other readers like you! So basically, I just share the first sentence or two of the novel(s) I am currently reading, and tell me whether or not it hooked you in!

Below by Meg McKinlay

The day that I was born, they drowned my town.

 That Time I Joined the Circus by J. J. Howard

My life has a soundtrack - it plays in my head all the time.

 Out of this Place by Emma Cameron

A cave on Pebble Beach,a bike ride from home,where the sting of salt airtears away the built-up wonderingof what to do -on the last day of holidays,about Casey,with my life.

 Nothing but Blue by Lisa Jahn Clough

All dead. No one survived. All dead.
The words pound in my head like mini explosions going off again and again and again.

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