Christmas Giveaway Ideas

12:54 AM
Hey Everyone! I am currently planning out the Christmas Giveaway Hop I signed up for and I am thrilled to start bouncing off ideas with those that have a vested interest in what is to come. There is a ton of different possibilities for what I can do but without a doubt, it will have to do with a book of some sort. So, who better to ask what they want than my wonderful readers?

My Evil Plotting Face
I created a poll with different options but that, of course, doesn't answer all of my questions about what the readers want. So here is what I am searching for from all of you awesome readers:

there are no requirements or strings attach to participate in this but it gives me all the insight I certainly need.

Second, I would love for you to participate in the poll and give a genuine answer.

Third, I would be over the moon if you could comment ideas of various books that you would love to see in the giveaway. You never know, it could be the book I giveaway!

Any ideas at all are accepted! If I don't have the option included that you would want me to include, comment your thoughts and ideas. I am open to suggestions because this giveaway is entirely for the readers and not at all for me.


Thank you so much for being willing to help me with making this an awesome giveaway. Who knows, maybe I'll take all your ideas and use them towards my upcoming Blogoversary! You all are amazing.  

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