Rogue Wave (The Water Keepers #2) by Christie Anderson

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Title: Rogue Wave
Author: Christie Anderson
Publish Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Self-publishedh
Pages: 397
Other Books in the Series: Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers #1), Ambrosia Shore (The Water Keepers #3 - to be published in 2013)
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Rating: ★★★★★

After five months of blissful pretending, Sadie and Rayne are practically the couple of the year. At least, according to Sadie's friends at school they are. But she knows the truth. Their feelings are just an illusion. Now, with graduation and college right around the corner, Sadie realizes she can't put off the inevitable any longer. She has to make a choice. Take the easy way out and run away from her problems, as usual, or move forward with courage and discover her own destiny. But when Ash Hastings, the son of the black-eyed man who almost drove Sadie to her death last November and Rayne's supposed best friend, makes an unnerving appearance in Sadie's life again, the path to her future takes an unexpected turn. And this time, Sadie's life isn’t the only one in danger.

I was thrilled to get the chance to read the sequel to Deep Blue Secret so soon after completing the book because I am honestly addicted to this series. You know what's difficult about reviewing so many amazing books? If they are in a series, I am literally dying on this side of the screen to read the next book. I bet you wouldn't find it surprising if I told you I am probably the most impatient person you'll ever meet. Waiting is not my talent so the fact that I didn't have to wait is perfect for me. This book just made me fall more in love with the characters and now I am anxiously awaiting the next book. This is why I should only read completed series. LOL I'm joking.

Rogue Wave by Christie Anderson picks up right after the ending of the first book and it starts out in Ash's perspective, the son of the bad guy from the previous novel. They say mourning the loss of someone you love can push you into the darkness and this seems to only prove it. As the darkness overtakes Ash, Rayne and Sadie live in blissful unawareness of the horrors that await them. But Sadie is tried of pretending to be a couple with Rayne who claims that their love is nothing more than the Healing Water's bonding properties. She wants distance from him. He wants to be with her, no matter the consequences. Love can do that to a person, even when they are in denial. Finally she gains enough nerve to push him away, however it is at the wrong moment. Evil has its sights set on Rayne and Sadie and it plans to make them pay for their past deeds. Now, her mom is involved along with her mom's boyfriend who seems to be playing for the wrong side. Everything gets more complicated as lines are drawn and betrayals occur. But nothing could've prepared Sadie for this. Will they survive this fight against darkness and time? What will become of Rayne and Sadie as they face separation? Will love conquer all or will evil prevail?

Last review I praised the quality of the world this author created and I was thrilled that I actually got to see more of this world than in the previous book. I think it is easy to take for granted the work put behind the creation of this story but I can tell that this world is more complex than I realized. In some ways, I kind of want to actually believe this world exists. When I start thinking that, you should know that I love the story.

Sadie, the main character, grew up a lot in this story. She struggles with the desire to just let things be what they are with Rayne because of the deep connection they seem to have. She is hurt that he seems to put up some sort of line between them and she hates that she can't cross it. Her feelings keep getting hurt because she can't act on them and so, I was thrilled when she took a stand. I was worried that she would never put herself first in these stories. In someways, I agree that selflessness is an important quality for all main characters to have because once they become selfish, it's almost like you can't handle being around them. But I think a healthy dose of perspective and selfishness is needed for any character to survive. I feel like I am going about this all differently than I typically do but she needed to find herself. She is still the same people person she was in the first book and I love the fact that her group of friends always seems to be growing. She seems to have a million friends, yet she never forgets any of them and she is just as close with one as she is with another. I wish I was that capable. It's an admirable quality. She is still extremely protective of those she loves and I think this sense of need to defend them has only grown stronger. She would jump in front of a car to save her best friend if she had to. That is probably what I love most about her.

Her mom still plays a huge role in the story, which I am grateful for. I always hated when parents slowly fade into the background as series progress and suddenly it's as if the characters never had a parent to begin with. I love that her mom is just as important in this book as she was in the past one. She still works as a nurse and in fact, she is dating one of the doctors that works in the hospital as well. Of course, this dating was with Sadie's approval and even urging. She shows a great deal of strength as she stands up for the man she is growing to love and struggles to maintain her relationship with her daughter. I can see a lot of Sadie's personality in her as they talk, fight, and bond. I think her heartache was the hardest to read as the series has continued and I hope that Sadie will never have to face the same fate that her mom has. She is someone that I think everyone can admire and adore. It makes me grateful for my mom because I can see my mom in this character as well. 

Rayne, the boy with the sparkly green eyes, has now become a major character in this story and a lot of his background comes to light as the story progresses. He actually gets to have a lot of time as the narrator of the story, showing his emotions as Sadie pushes him away. Throughout the story, he makes a lot of mistakes but it seems like she seems to balance him out. He allows her into his life, determined to keep nothing from her now that he has realized the truth about his feelings. He is in love with her and he will do anything to keep her by his side for as long as she will have him. All of his protective qualities still remain in this story and that causes a little tiff between the two sweethearts as they struggle to protect one another from danger. 

Hamlin, the Ambassador for the place where Rayne is from, plays a huge part in this book instead of remaining in the background like he did in prior books. I got to learn a lot about his role in having Rayne placed with Sadie and the relationships that created such a toxic environment between Voss and his own kind. I loved the opportunity to get to learn about such a mysterious character. He seemed like such a puzzle and all I wanted to do was solve him. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book when it comes to his future and his story. Now, I know about his past and I do not dislike him anymore than I dislike Rayne. You'll find out what his role is once you read the book.

Ash is the bad guy for this novel which I have a really hard time with. I hate when people grieve so much that they lose their sense of morality and right from wrong. He is such a sympathetic character that I had a hard time wanting anything bad to happen to him and I knew Rayne would be hurt if something did happen. Even though they had a falling out, I know that they still care about each other underneath it all. At least I hope they do. Perhaps that will be the saving grace when this all comes to an end. I got to see a lot more of his devious, manipulative, and dark side that definitely should have scared me away but instead I felt pity. I felt sad that his grief pushed him to this point. He deserved to be happy but he apparently didn't see it that way.

I can't wait for the next book. Read this series and tell me what you think. Who knows, maybe you might like it just as much as I do!

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